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Things have changed and everything is moving towards mobile-friendliness and customer centricity

User Friendly Experience on Mobile Phone

Finding a customer is one thing and engaging them is another.

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This is why as an Internet marketer you need to put a lot of emphasis on the intuitiveness and user-friendliness of your website. Mobile’s become the king of the digital world. In fact, the number of mobile users is constantly increasing and has even taken the front line in web communication. Whether you’re selling a product or marketing a service, a user-friendly mobile experience should be the first priority. But before that, there are two things you must understand about Internet customers

1. They have different needs, preferences and taste

2. Most of them lack patience especially the ‘need-based’ customers

Therefore, it means the first impression customers get from your website, your hospitality, site structure and overall usability determine the success of your business. Below are the tips on how to design a user-friendly and intuitive mobile experience.

  • Come up with Vivid and Well-Focused Content

Mobile customers are always in a hurry. Those who wander around the web often rush into mobile
content that comes randomly as they do other tasks. Therefore, it means you
must develop a fully focused and professionally sorted mobile platform that
makes it easy for them to interact with your business. A site that is easy to
search and navigate is highly valued. Try to eliminate clutter and create
goal-oriented pages. Right from homepage to call-to-action links such as �Click
here’ or �Swipe’ customers need a smooth experience.

  • Simplicity is Highly Valued

The technique of creating a mobile site can be complicated. However, it is upon you to simplify
all the complexities and diverseness of your site for your visitors. Mobile
users value pages that are consistent and load faster whether they are using
tablets, smartphones, iPads, iPhones or laptops. When a user doesn’t get what
they expect, they will probably get frustrated and even exit a website
altogether. In fact, stats reveal that a 2-second delay in page loading time
can result in the abandonment rate of up to 87%. Therefore, you must make your
website simple to navigate, and in the retail checkout sections.

  • Be Wise when Using Images

Customers are intelligent and they often judge a site based on the images they see. Images
are good to use as they bring a visual break from text. However, remember that
images have an impact on your site’s loading speed and size. Stock photography
can lower the trustworthiness of your website due to their generic nature and
non-uniqueness. If you must use them, try to consider real images rather than
stock photography.

  • Leverage Your Website with Mobile Friendly Features

Most desktop devices lack features such as the ability to make a call, gyrometers and GPS.
If you can leverage your website with such features for the mobile users, then
you can improve the experience of your website visitors. Other critical feature
to consider including the ability to share across social media channels. This
can improve the functionality and usability of your website.


Gone are the times when you could simply throw up a website to fetch traffic and make sales.

Things have changed and everything is moving towards mobile-friendliness and
customer centricity. The content you use and the overall design of your website
matter a lot in enhancing the overall user experience. The above are the five
tips on how to create a mobile-friendly user experience for your website

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